Yesterday evening, I found myself with one-hundred-and-sixty-six other people in a room not even close to big enough. I was breathing in their sweat and sweating out their spit. We were all gathered in this room awaiting our turn to perform for an audience of fifty-five people–which is supposed to be a lot. It was the Performing Arts showcase, a brilliant medley of dancing, singing, and acting, all around one extremely important holiday: Christmas.

I was in the acting group. There were twelve of us which meant we were the smallest group, and dare I say it, the oddest. The dancers and singers were doing exactly what you’d expect from performers like them. The singers did vocal exercises while the dancers stretched, the dancers went over their routines while the singers memorized their lyrics. And then there was us, sitting together in a corner of the room. We talked, we played on our phones, and we did our makeup. But we also did a sock inventory, sang a spontaneous rendition of Smash Mouth’s 2001 hit “All Star”, and there was an interesting scene between two members–one dressed in a Christmas tree onesie sprawled on the floor as another in a penguin suit–attempted to drag the first across the room in true penguin style. You tend to witness weird things when you join Acting Society.

In case you didn’t believe me.

The show went smoothly and we did great. Despite the weirdness–or maybe because of it–I am very glad to be part of such an…interesting group. Spending four hours in a body-fluid-humid room is nothing close to boring when there are people like these to keep you company…and accessible wifi.

And we get to do it all again tonight…yay.


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