The Christmas Showcase is over, and it was lots of fun. It is time to turn my attention to all my assignments that are due by the end of this week.

For Telling True Stories, I have to put together at research portfolio on the topic, event, or person I am writing my story on. Mine is on Thomas Edison and how much of a prick he was, especially in his later years. His bulbs are a cool-looking design feature, though.

The research portfolio is possibly the most worrisome of all my assignments–not because I haven’t done any research, but because my strengths aren’t in gathering facts but rather making them up. However, I’ve been left some detailed instructions so hopefully my level of messing-up is kept to a minimum.

Travel Writing, on the other hand, plays to my strengths. I finished my 2000 word piece for this module yesterday, which I think is a new personal record for earliest finish before a deadline. There was little research involved, since I was writing about an experience I’d already been through, and it was straightforward prose instead of…pretty much anything else. But as confident as I am in my piece–pushing the 10% leeway at 2200 words–I can’t help but think maybe I’ll manage to mess up anyhow. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done poorly on an assignment I was confident about. I suppose I won’t know for sure until I get it back.

Last, but not least, is Creating Short Screenplays for which I have to write a script for a short film and include an appendix. You know what I always thought about appendixes? That they aren’t necessary. Maybe I’ve been misinformed.

This script will end me. I started with an idea, which I came up with in class while my tutor was going around the room asking everyone what their ideas were. But after I developed my idea, I had a full-fledged feature film. (How’s that for alliteration, Ms. Balmer from tenth grade?) You’d think having too much is the opposite of a problem, but I have to cut it down to 10-15 pages and it’s proving difficult.  Thankfully, this is due on Friday and the other two are due Thursday, which means I get an extra twenty-four hours to focus on this after I’ve handed the rest in.


So that’s about all the school work I have to do before the break, and I’ve procrastinated by typing up this post instead. To top it all off, my laptop is out of space and I think I broke the trash can which means I can’t make more space. I also can’t turn my laptop off and have to close it every so often so it doesn’t overheat. I was going to call the company about it, but apparently asking a question will cost 25 british pounds. I figured I might as well put it towards a new laptop instead.

In conclusion, I have three assignments due in four or so days, I’m freaking out, and so is my laptop. Wish me luck!


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