Hooray for IT guys! (I’m not being sexist–the guys in IT were, well, guys.)

In terms of my assignments, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I always have a day like this when I don’t know what to do or how to start, although it usually comes along a lot closer to the deadlines. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, then?

To get over this sense of dread and inevitable failure, I’ll do what I walkways do: eat candy and watch funny internet videos. Oh, and I’ll break down my work into manageable chunks and work little-by-little (she typed as she remembered that her dad reads this blog).

Now let me tell you about the Alarm Clock Fiasco:

Monday: I woke up for my 9am class at 9:10. I was late.

Tuesday: I woke up for my 9am class at 10:30. I thought, wow. I need to go to sleep earlier so I don’t sleep through my alarm clock.

Wednesday: I had no classes.

Thursday: I set a second alarm on my laptop and was late to class anyway.

Friday: I woke up for my 9am class at noon. The class was over.

I didn’t use the alarm clock over the weekend.

Monday: A repeat of Friday.

Tuesday: I set an alarm on my laptop again.

Wednesday: I wondered what was up with my alarm. It didn’t work when I tested it. Then I saw that the little hammer thing was stuck so I gave it a little nudge and voila! It worked again!

So basically, I missed three classes and was late to a bunch more because of a problem that I fixed in less than 30 seconds. Good for me. That’s usually how things go for me anyway.

Here’s the Acting Society Finale from the Christmas Showcase:

I had planned to put this in yesterday’s post, but as you read, my laptop was misbehaving. You’ll have to settle for watching it today. (See if you can spot me!)


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