I’m feeling a little bit homesick today. Actually, it might be homesickness and a mix of just wanting to be done with all this work. I don’t get homesick very often. I went my entire first year without being homesick, but I guess it was bound to happen eventually. And it’s better for it to happen five days before I leave than a month or two ago, right? There are three things I especially miss: My little brother, my dog, and my room. I mean, my room here is nice and all–I even decorated it for Christmas!–but my room back home is still unfinished since moving in over the summer and there’s so much I want to change! My dog is basically a big furry teddy bear that licks your face and poops but is always happy to see you no matter what. Who wouldn’t miss that? My brother…I don’t know. I just miss him. He’s ten and he likes Ninja Turtles.

My brother, my dog Foxy, and my brother’s Ninja Turtle bed that my dad and I got him over the summer. He was so excited about it.

Anyway, I should get back to working on this Research Portfolio thing. I’m still not done and it’s due tomorrow. So much for getting a head start. The thing is, I’ve never actually done anything quite like this before. Compiling research into a plan for a story I haven’t written yet is so far out of my comfort zone I might as well be in the middle of the Pacific. I was told I could cover everything in point form but I also have to make it engaging. How do I make point-form engaging? Is it even possible? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. Tomorrow this will all be over…except for my film script. That one’s due Friday.


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