Almost Over

I’m not entirely sure how some of my friendships form. First we just sort of know each other. Then it gets to the point where we see each other on a path, each make a face at the other, stop right in front of each other, one of us pats the other on the head with a binder as they say, “Boop!” and then we continue on our way, calling “‘Morning!” over our shoulders. Between that and first finding out their name, I have no idea what happens that somehow gets us from point A to point B.

This encounter happened as I was on my way to hand in my work for both Travel Writing and Telling True Stories. The hand-in room was busy, so I thought I would write my name, student number, and tutors’ names on everything while waiting in line. The line ended up progressing faster than I expected, and I was soon at the front holding everyone up. I ended up rushing to fill my name in all the necessary blanks as I thought, “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck” and I may or may not have written “Ivy Fucker” as my name at one point. Not on anything I had to hand in, though, thankfully.

All I have left to do is write the script and appendix for Scriptwriting and I’ll be done with December. Then I only have to worry about the two big projects I have due in January…

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