I have just realized I have surpassed a whole month writing on this blog. That’s longer than I thought I would last. As a result, I’ve decided to revisit my reasons for starting “Precarious Writer”. But still, I have a long way to go. As I said in my first post, I will not have succeeded in keeping a blog unless I’ve done it for more than six months. So we will see…

Thank you for being a follower, if you are. I realize there are bigger, more popular blogs out there, not to mention more interesting blogs, but you chose to subscribe to mine, and that means a lot. Especially starting out, the only thing that keeps me writing is the thought that there are readers on the other side. I’ve got thirty-five followers on this blog at the moment, which—had I thought about it at all—is far more than I ever would have expected to have after a month.

As per usual, I’ve left off packing for the last minute. That minute still isn’t here which is why I’m writing this instead of packing, even though I leave in less than twenty-four hours and two suitcases sitting empty. Unlike when I went from England to Canada, this time the time difference is with me and I don’t have any stop overs where I have to wait in an airport for six hours. This means there’s a better chance I’ll manage to keep up a post per day for my trip.

I also realize I’ve only got a week to do my two assignments. Where has the time gone? But why am I surprised? I knew this would happen. It always happens, and I always let it happen. *Sigh.* I swear I love my courses. I’m even excited to do my assignments (at least a little). I’m just not very good at the getting started part. Hell, if I hadn’t started this blog by half-accident, I’d probably still be in the brainstorming stages. There’s a story—an actual, handwritten, fictional story—that took me about five times to start, but once I got going, I never stopped. It’s been over five years and I’m still going at that story. That’s how I work, I guess. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I have no one to blame but myself.

I haven’t posted pictures lately, so here’s a selfie: IMG_3470


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