Oh. Yester-post, I said I would revisit my reasons for starting this blog. Then I didn’t. Sorry. I’ll fix that now.

1. To share ideas about fashion and decorating with people, and write down things I’ve made up, like crafts and recipes.

2. To have a place to record good true stories.

3. Another big reason is because I used to write every day, but have fallen out of the habit. I thought with blogging I could practice my writing skills and have something of an audience (even if they’re imaginary) which would motivate me not to miss a day of writing.

Plus it’s fun.

It’s 4:25am and I am jet-lagged. I travelled for sixteen┬áhours (was awake for twenty-three) and barely managed to stay up an hour after arriving at my room. I knew I’d be hopelessly awake in the early hours but there was no helping it: I was too tired.

So I am taking advantage of this time to figure out my new timetable. At my university they schedule four modules per semester, and for each module, I take one class per week. This means I have four classes per week, and eight modules per year. Last semester, I had the luck of every single class being at 9am, this year I have only two. (Whew!) On the bright side, none of my classes go any later than 3pm, and I don’t have classes on Fridays at all, so I can start my weekend on Thursday! Yay for 3-day weekends! Anyway, that’s everything. I’ll get back to a regular schedule soon enough.


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