To be honest, I can’t think of what to type right now. This morning I was up early and I curled my hair (before deciding it was hopeless and putting it in a ponytail) and checked my email and got my books ready. It was a beautiful morning and I had leftover mac and cheese for breakfast and worked on my assignment and went to class. I discovered I was in the same class as a bunch of my friends and our teacher was great and the module was going to be exciting. I was prepared to work and be happy and everything.

At break, I went to collect my marked assignments. I got three of them back. The comments were pretty much as follows:

Assignment 1 – Good writing, but not enough of what we’re looking for.

Assignment 2 – Exactly what we’re looking for, but the writing isn’t good enough.

Assignment 3 – This is just bad.

And then I returned to class and a friend told me Deadpool was going to die.


Good days are precarious, aren’t they? Completely unstable, and could be ruined at any moment. Fortunately, the opposite is also true: A bad day could be turned around on a dime.

But today did not start as a bad day. It may very well end as one. I have two classes on Tuesdays, and from what I can tell, they’re going to be lots of fun. But today I’m worried. Of my two assignments due in two days, one’s only half-finished, and after some new feedback (see Assignment 3 above) I’m seriously considering starting the other over completely. Can I pull it off? I have no fucking clue. This particular assignment takes a lot of research, and from the library searches I did both several months ago and earlier today, there are no books on what I need in the university library. Plus, we were given months to do the research we needed to do because we would need months.

I guess it’s safe to say I’m stressed. Wish me luck.


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