IMG_0623For the first time ever, I’m using this Anything Goes Sunday to bring you…(drum roll)…a recipe! I made it up myself, so you’ve been warned.

As you can see from the title, these are Brunch Burritos. They’re pretty easy, and highly customizable to your own tastes. For example, I got out a ton of possible ingredients, took a picture, and then didn’t even use a bunch of them.

The Ingredients I used:




-Shredded Cheese

-An egg

-Tortilla wraps

I also added some carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes with dip on the side.

You could also add chicken, broccoli, soy sauce, hot sauce, any other sauce, or once you’re done, sour cream and halved cherry tomatoes. Pretty much anything. As I said, highly customizable.

IMG_0614Step 1. Chop everything you’re going to put into the burrito into bits. Big bits if that’s how you like it, but I did small bits because that’s how I like it.

IMG_0615Step 2. Beat the egg with a fork. One egg is enough for two burritos.

Sorry it’s blurry, but you get the idea.

Step 3. Heat the pan, butter it up, and put your egg in. Wait until it’s half-cooked or whatever, then put in all the veggies that you want to cook for your burritos. If you are using chicken, put it in the pan after the egg but before the veggies, and wait until it’s cooked before adding the veggies.

Step 4. When the egg is cooked, flip it and break it into quarters. It should look like this:

Here my egg is broken into two quarters and one half.

If you have any sauces to add, now is when to do so.

Step 5. Put everything on the tortilla wrap (or half in each if you’re doing two like I did) and sprinkle your cheese on top. I put everything on in a line down the middle with a gap at the bottom for easier wrapping. If you want to close both ends of your burrito, have gaps at both ends. My tortilla wraps are small, but it’s easier to wrap bigger ones. At this point, you can add sour cream and halved cherry tomatoes  and just eat them like that. Or continue to step 6…


Step 6. Wrap the burritos and put them in the pan to melt the cheese and make the tortillas crispy. I put mine face down so they wouldn’t unwrap. A piece of pepper fell out the top, but nothing major.


Step 7. When they’re crispy enough on one side, flip them over and wait until they’re the same on the other side. Then put ’em on a plate and eat ’em! You can add sides like I did, if you want, but they’re really filling on their own, too.

Aren’t they beautiful?

And that’s it! It’s all finger food, too, so you have fewer dishes to wash. Hope you enjoy your brunch!



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