As a student, I am constantly going to be lazy, busy, or both. So what’s a girl to do when her stomach complains?

IMG_0658Introducing The 2 Minute Sandwich! (Also sometimes known as a cucumber sandwich.) Which I actually did in two minutes and thirty-eight seconds according to the timer, but I’m rounding it. Perfect for when you need something to eat while working on an essay, reading a comic book, or running late to class and hadn’t packed a lunch the night before!

IMG_0653Ingredients for 1 sandwich:

2 Slices of bread

4 cucumber slices (unless you have really big bread slices in which case you may need more)

– I like mine about half a centimetre thick but you can do whatever you prefer

4 slices of pre-sliced, ready-to-eat meat.

– I chose ham. “British Ham” according to the packet. Not sure how that’s different from regular ham, but whatever.


What To Do:

IMG_0654Step 1. Put mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread. See example above.

IMG_0655 Step 2. Put cucumber slices on one of the bread slices. See example above.


Step 3. Put meat on cucumbers. I put it on the bread for the sake of the picture, but really, it just makes more sense to put it on the cucumbers. I used four British ham slices, but you can add more or less.

Step 4. Slap the piece of bread that doesn’t have anything on it except mayonnaise onto the meat (mayonnaise side down) and voilà! You’ve perfected the 2 Minute Sandwich. Enjoy! (Like I am right at this moment as I type this.)



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