When I was young, I sort of created my own version of a bucket list. Mine was different, though, because instead of having a list of things to do, I put together a list of places to go. The list was made up of major cities and although I didn’t mind what order I crossed them off the list, over the years, I’ve visited the cities on the list in the order I wrote them down. Coincidence? Maybe.

1. Los Angeles

The city of stars, with theme parks and film sites galore. A year or two after I made the list, we went there on a family vacation. I distinctly remember this vacation, but I can’t find any evidence of it on Facebook, which means it was probably in 2008. There are probably pictures somewhere back in Canada.


2. Honolulu

Well, I didn’t care so much about which city to visit, I just wanted to go to Hawaii. Everyone wants to go to Hawaii at some point, don’t they? Lucky, lucky me, my family went to Hawaii to escape the Canadian winter over New Years in 2009-2010.


3. Orlando

Along the same veins of Los Angeles, Orlando has one interesting thing about it: Theme Parks. Really, though. That’s it. We visited in 2011.

Taken by Shoo Wen

4. London

Capital of the motherland. Known for a lot of sights that I later realized aren’t as fun as theme parks, but are just as expensive. I went on this trip with friends instead of family. Not the first time I’ve travelled without them—in fact by this point I was used to it. My first visit was in 2013.

5. Paris

Yes, as you may have already guessed, Paris is next on my list. The city of lights and love, rich with history and art. Who could resist?

6. Florence

Italy, much like France, is steeped in culture and history, plus it has great art and food. It’s also shaped like a boot. I think I’ll just list the rest…

7. Saigon

8. Sydney

9. Cape Town

10. Rio

And there you have it. Slowly but surely, I’m working my way through the list, which keeps growing. Which of these places have you been to? Which would you like to someday visit? Tell me below!

(You can check out my Places To Go Bucket List II here!)


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