Wow, so a lot of people liked my Bucket List, huh? I’ve never really talked about my bucket list before because it wasn’t really a typical bucket list. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I fully intend to jump out of a plane at some point in my life. But things I’ve thought about doing have just been thoughts. It’s the actual places that I’ve organized into a list, and I’m so glad you guys have responded well to it!

The response also makes me feel kind of bad for not posting yesterday. I have no excuse…unless you count taking a 3 hour nap and doing a Project Runway marathon an excuse. I’ve never seen Project Runway before this weekend and I can tell you pretty confidently that it will find its way to this week’s Weeklies.

If you have no idea what I’m on about (pardon my adopted British mannerisms, eh?), Project Runway is a reality show where hopeful fashion designers compete for a big prize that will help them on their road to developing successful brands. Each week they make an outfit or two, fight a bit for the cameras, and then whoever’s outfit most resembles the Paper-Bag Princess is dramatically booted. Very entertaining stuff.

Yesterday I was sketching some of my own designs (I am by no means a designer or even an aspiring designer, I just like to doodle and I’ll draw whatever’s in my head, whether it’s a pretty dress or a dog with rabies) while I watched. Once in a post, a few weeks ago, I said I would try to have articles about fashion on Mondays. For a few Mondays now, I’ve had nothing. I want you to know, I am trying. I’ve had cute outfits and I’ve set my camera on top of a precarious pile consisting of cereal boxes, pasta boxes, and books, only to realize the battery needed to be charged. Then I looked around for the charger but my room was so messy I ended up finding a large amount of my disappearing bobby pins instead. So then I cleaned my whole room and organized everything so that I had everything in its place. And after putting all the dirty laundry from around the room into an actual pile, I realized it was time to do laundry. Then I separated my colours and forgot the detergent in my room and I probably lost a sock and my bra got stuck to the window of the washer where everyone could see the bright neon. Then I went through the labels so I knew which to tumble dry and which to hang, and then folded everything right away because until yesterday I didn’t realize there was a communal iron in my flat in the space beside the fridge. And so on and so forth and then I was tired and went to bed and the next day I had no makeup and just PJs and my greasy hair in a bun, and by the time I looked cute for a picture, the sun was gone and my lighting was shit, so I waited for the next day. The next day I realized I never did find my battery charger, and by then my room had descended into chaos once again, but this time I didn’t have to do laundry. So I cleaned my room once again, and searched high and low until I was forced to come to the conclusion that I had no idea where the battery charger was and for all I knew it could be in Canada. Then I emailed my dad, and he didn’t know where it was. I looked online for a new charger, but then thought to myself, “Why should I spend money on something I already have? Maybe it’ll show up in a little while…”

Long story short, I haven’t got a working camera.

I’ve got an iPod, and a short mirror that works for mornings, but not for blog pictures so you’ll have to bear with me.

For the next couple of Mondays (until my charger gets back from it’s vacay) I’ll post fashion posts. Sometimes limitations can breed creativity. I’ll figure something out.


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