Sorry my attempts at blogging have been a little lacklustre lately. I’ll work on that. But for today, here are this week’s Weeklies:

Music Video: Chandelier by Sia

Maddie Ziegler is amazing in this video. Her expressions also remind me of the way Hawaiians use their eyes as much as their bodies in dances. Not to mention Sia is an uber-talented singer-songwriter.

TV Show: Community

A diverse cast play students at a Community College who are constantly up to insanely hilarious shenanigans.

Studying Snack: Honey Roasted Cashews

They taste good and don’t make me feel like I need to do sit-ups. Not that I would anyway.

Procrastinating Website: Pinterest

It’s like Tumblr, but easier to get off of after half-an-hour or so. The main differences being you have to search for something to come up, and all the posts are pictures.

Purchase of the Week: Battery Charger for my camera

My Dad ¬†found my charger in my room…in Canada. I got a new one from Amazon and my camera battery is charging as I type. Looking forward to finally being able to take pictures again!


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