It’s not that I’m getting bored of blogging, it’s just that I have an essay due on Monday and I’m tired as hell and there was a party yesterday for Chinese New Year and I had to meet with some group mates and…


No more excuses. Here I am, typing a blog post. Let’s get real. Things have not been going well. I keep messing things up.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a meeting about my big final project before graduation (called an ECP, the Creative Writing version of a Dissertation, which is the UK version of a Thesis). Today I saw the email telling me about it. Because that’s how great I am at adult stuff.

On Tuesday my lecturer asked us if we had anything to workshop. No one did, so I mentioned something I had that wasn’t at all for that class, but no one really knows what “Creative Voice” is supposed to be anyway so I figured might as well. Apparently I had gotten a bit excited about that one story because I ended up reading about 2000 words off my laptop to a class of peers who were very clearly wishing they could have left by now, which they would’ve if it weren’t for me. I was eventually stopped by the lecturer (Thank God. I am never reading my work out loud again!)and I still had 500 words to go. I’m just one of those people who knows they’re talking too much, but never does anything about it.

Today I managed to go to a different campus to pick up mail after the mailroom already closed, and I knew they’d closed. On the way back I managed to miss dinner entirely and I forgot to get a book I’ve got on hold at the library. I’m too lazy to go back and get it even though the library is two minutes away from where I’m sitting right now.

I giggled through a three hour class because people were suggesting horrible stuff for a classmate’s script. (Atom bomb in Birmingham, an explosion at the National History Museum killing children on a field trip, a super villain flying through an animal shelter, orphanage, and nunnery one after another, killing everyone and everything inside. I’m a horrible person.)

I skipped out on free dinner, even though I missed dinner, just because I was feeling sorry for myself. I hope the friend who invited me never finds this blog post.

And on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday when I should have been writing posts for this very blog, or at the very least working on my essay, I was watching Community. Even though it only sometimes makes sense, it’s really good.

Okay, I feel better now. As you can see, I’m not very good at this adult stuff. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.


One thought on “Adult Stuff

  1. I check my email almost obsessively during the semester (on break, not so much…). And you’re braver than I am, even mentioning your writing, let alone reading it aloud. I could never do that.

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