I have an essay to do for tomorrow, but since I haven’t exhausted every means of procrastination, here’s a blog post.

I took some pictures of my friends because they had awesome outfits, but I never really knew how to make it into a blog post. It’s an Anything Goes Sunday, so I’ll just put them here.



On the top is Siân, and on the bottom is Holly. They both have some skilled layering going on and they also both have Doc Martins. I’ve always admired people who can do layering well. I’ve always had trouble in that department. Another bit of fashion I struggle to pull off are scarves, which Holly and Siân also pull off beautifully.

Holly also makes her pink hair a fashion statement, and Siân makes everything work, even her backpack and headphones. Siân’s style is the girlier of the two, wearing tights under her dress to make it suitable for the English winter. Holly wears her contrasting patterns flawlessly and pulls it all together with her awesome attitude. (In case you weren’t sure, her hand gesture is the UK equivalent of the middle finger.) Because why should there be such thing as normal when it comes to fashion, right?

What do you like about Holly and Siân’s outfits? Tell me below!


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