On Fridays I have Weeklies, what if on Mondays I have Outfits of the Week? I’ll do a trial run today. If you like it, please like this post so I know and I’ll do more in the future!

     The sun came out in full force last week. Luckily England hasn’t got snow, so it basically felt like summer. I, being Canadian, am not used to this kind of weather in February, but I made sure to take advantage of it with a sleeveless shirt and cuffed jeans. Still, as a native Calgarian, I’m always prepared for the weather to turn foul on a dime.

I kept a red and black plaid shirt around my waist just in case it got cold and literally topped it all off with my ‘Bad Hair Day’ toque*. I also tried to curl my hair overnight and by the next morning, I had decent waves but the top was looking a little lopsided, so the toque ended up being useful in two respects.

I wore my plain black Converse sneakers because my boots would have covered the cuffs and my flats would have been too fancy. I only have those three shoes here in England, but you know what? Sneakers are awesome!

My jeans are basic acid-wash jeans from River Island (which I happen to be wearing right now, actually). I’ve noticed that jeans from TopShop and River Island are a lot thinner than denim from Aritzia. I don’t know if that’s because the two former are UK stores that don’t know what it’s like to hike through a blizzard with jeans as snow pants, or if it’s just because Aritzia jeans are more expensive and this shows in their quality. Maybe both?

Speaking of Aritzia, I got my very Canadian-looking plaid shirt from them a couple of years ago. Still love it. And keeping with the Canadian theme, My sleeveless shirt has the country of Canada on it, as well as the flag. I love this shirt. I’m always seeing americana wear and the Union flag tastefully decorated on clothes all over the place, but usually Canada wear is too blatant with the red and white and maple leaf on a t-shirt. It’s difficult to find a more toned-down form of wearable patriotism. I thought it was impossible before I spotted this gem among the miss-matched sales hangers of a Winners. It was the only one in sight and it happened to be my size! It was complete luck that led me to be in a Winners in the first place; I usually never step foot in them. Too messy.

For a more tom-boyish feel, I kept my makeup natural-looking. Maybe a little too natural looking? Actually, I don’t remember if I wore any makeup at all that day. Maybe just concealer in a few places. Everything else looks to be au-natural. I didn’t put anything in my hair either. As I said, I curled it a bit overnight, but I left it the rest of the day and let it gradually flatten out again on its own. My hair’s stubborn like that.

So what do you think of the Canadian look? Is it something you’d wear? Is there anything you would change?

Would you like to see more Outfits Of The Week in the future?

Comment below!

*Toque (or tuque) is Canadian for what can also be known as a knit cap, sock hat, or beanie. It’s pronounced Two-ck.


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