The Mobster

Saturdays are story days! I will post short stories, poems, or anything else that I’ve written in the week. Unfortunately, all I’ve really written this past week are my assignments and some of Book3, so I’ll just write something on the spot.

There’s people watching, and then there’s accidental people watching. I’ve done both. People watching is when you’re sitting somewhere like a park or a shopping mall and you watch all the people around, what they do, what they say, and how they act. Accidental people watching is what I did around two years ago. Continue reading “The Mobster”

(#1) Weeklies!

I have handed in my last assignment before the Christmas break today! *Insert generic celebratory onomatopoeia here*

Today also marks the end of my first successful week of daily blogging! I think that’s a personal record, if you don’t include Tumblr. I don’t.

You know what I just realized right now while writing this? I’m listening to music on my laptop and my earbuds are in my ears, but they aren’t plugged in. I’m just listening to the music on the speakers with pointless earbuds on.

Okay I fixed that.

I’m still finding my footing, but I’d say it’s been a great first week! As of last night, I have had 10 likes on my blog and fourteen followers (some who are just spam and one who is me, but they all count). So thank you for reading this if you are (or will be) one of the people who like what I’m doing on here.

I did some thinking and I came up with a posting schedule for the different kinds of posts I’ll be putting up here. I have something different for every day of the week, and–like yesterday–I may put two up in a day on occasion. I’ll reveal what type of posts each day is going to have as I go along this week. For Fridays, I’m going to be doing something I call Weeklies! Basically, I summarize my week with a few things I love from that week.

Here are today’s Weeklies:

TV Shows: 

– Arrow Midseason Finale

It cut the head off of the other shows with season finales and overshadowed it’s own crossover with Flash, just saying.


– Any Other World by MIKA


– Interstellar (2014, Dir. Christopher Nolan)

Filmed just outside my hometown. My sister was an extra but I don’t think she actually shows up in the final film. At least she got to meet Matthew McConaughey.


Small Pink Artificial Christmas Trees

It’s almost scary how sparkly my shirt is. It takes guts to wear a shirt like this out!


– IT guys

True life savers, each and every one.


– My sparkly shirt from TopShop

I can’t find it on the website, so I must’ve gotten it on sale. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for such a shiny shirt anyway.


– Apartment Therapy

It’s the only thing keeping me sane when I think back to my unfinished bedroom at home. (I also have plans for the garden shed. Don’t tell my dad, he still thinks he’ll keep the lawnmower in there.)

That’s all for today! Come back tomorrow to see what kind of posts I will put up on Saturdays!

Decorate A Dorm Room For Christmas For £5 ($9)

This pink Christmas tree is no more than twelve inches from the bottom to the tippy-top. For comparison, the owl is a standard 4×6 postcard.

My dorm room is pretty standard. I have a fixed bed, desk, wardrobe, and shelves. I’m lucky enough to have a small en-suite and the building itself only opened last year so I am the second person to occupy this space. It’s  about half the size of last year’s dorm, including the en-suite (last year’s had none). The desk doesn’t wobble and I can’t hear the footsteps of my neighbours, so I’d say it’s a good room. But when it comes to decorating, I have to think about a lot of things.

All of my decorations need to be easily brought back to Canada with me. University housing has some sort of vendetta against blue tac, so I can’t use that. Too much paper on the walls will be considered a fire hazard and will get me in trouble. To top it all off, my room is really small.

But I did not let any of that get in the way! Continue reading “Decorate A Dorm Room For Christmas For £5 ($9)”

Almost Over

I’m not entirely sure how some of my friendships form. First we just sort of know each other. Then it gets to the point where we see each other on a path, each make a face at the other, stop right in front of each other, one of us pats the other on the head with a binder as they say, “Boop!” and then we continue on our way, calling “‘Morning!” over our shoulders. Between that and first finding out their name, I have no idea what happens that somehow gets us from point A to point B. Continue reading “Almost Over”

Five Days

I’m feeling a little bit homesick today. Actually, it might be homesickness and a mix of just wanting to be done with all this work. I don’t get homesick very often. I went my entire first year without being homesick, but I guess it was bound to happen eventually. And it’s better for it to happen five days before I leave than a month or two ago, right? There are three things I especially miss: My little brother, my dog, and my room. I mean, my room here is nice and all–I even decorated it for Christmas!–but my room back home is still unfinished since moving in over the summer and there’s so much I want to change! My dog is basically a big furry teddy bear that licks your face and poops but is always happy to see you no matter what. Who wouldn’t miss that? My brother…I don’t know. I just miss him. He’s ten and he likes Ninja Turtles.

My brother, my dog Foxy, and my brother’s Ninja Turtle bed that my dad and I got him over the summer. He was so excited about it.

Anyway, I should get back to working on this Research Portfolio thing. I’m still not done and it’s due tomorrow. So much for getting a head start. The thing is, I’ve never actually done anything quite like this before. Compiling research into a plan for a story I haven’t written yet is so far out of my comfort zone I might as well be in the middle of the Pacific. I was told I could cover everything in point form but I also have to make it engaging. How do I make point-form engaging? Is it even possible? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. Tomorrow this will all be over…except for my film script. That one’s due Friday.

The Alarm Clock Fiasco

Hooray for IT guys! (I’m not being sexist–the guys in IT were, well, guys.)

In terms of my assignments, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I always have a day like this when I don’t know what to do or how to start, although it usually comes along a lot closer to the deadlines. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, then?

To get over this sense of dread and inevitable failure, I’ll do what I walkways do: eat candy and watch funny internet videos. Oh, and I’ll break down my work into manageable chunks and work little-by-little (she typed as she remembered that her dad reads this blog).

Now let me tell you about the Alarm Clock Fiasco:

Continue reading “The Alarm Clock Fiasco”

It’s Who You’re With

Yesterday evening, I found myself with one-hundred-and-sixty-six other people in a room not even close to big enough. I was breathing in their sweat and sweating out their spit. We were all gathered in this room awaiting our turn to perform for an audience of fifty-five people–which is supposed to be a lot. It was the Performing Arts showcase, a brilliant medley of dancing, singing, and acting, all around one extremely important holiday: Christmas.

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Why You Should Proofread Emails

I was doing my work in Textual Intervention class this morning like a good student when I got back my mark for the rationale I had written a few weeks ago. The rationale itself wasn’t included, but I got some comments and I pulled up the rationale on my laptop to compare the feedback. Only then did I notice that I had saved my rationale under the title “FuckingRationale.pages” which was fine because that doesn’t show up when you print off the work to hand in. Nothing was wrong.

Unlike what had happened in Scriptwriting class a few weeks back.

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