The Start

2018 has been interesting in a good way. As with nearly every year, 2018 started with parties. Then there were a few days of chilling and getting organized in preparation for the upcoming year. On the fifth things started to kick back into gear when my production partner Ania and I finished the final version … Continue reading The Start


SIV Short Film

I directed my first short film this past week. Okay, so I have a lot to catch you guys up on in regards to my goings-on in the film industry. I've had quite the interesting summer. I got offered six roles this summer, only two of which I actually auditioned for. One was a … Continue reading SIV Short Film


Mild spoilers. Nothing serious. I have been looking forward to this film for a long time (though not as long as Ryan Reynolds has). I love Deadpool. He was my introduction to comic books and he's just awesome. His humour, creativity, mercenary skills, R-rating, general quirkiness, and deep seated self-hatred all come together to create the … Continue reading Deadpool