Outfit of the Week: Mod Girl

I’m going to keep this one short.

Remember The Londoner? This is the same dress. I know that very often, people are hesitant to buy such loud pieces like this. Not to worry, here I am to show you that a statement piece is only an opportunity for creativity!

Outfit of the Week: The Doll

Despite the horribleness of my background, I think I’ve figured out how to take these pictures so they don’t look all yellow. This week’s outfit was my way of taking advantage of warm weather in November, something that would never have happened back home.

Outfit of the Week: The Londoner

I’m finding myself spending a lot of time with my friends. Maybe I’m just overly aware that I won’t be able to call them up to hang out as easily by this time next year. Being in a small town where everyone walks to where they want to go, even just a trip to town for groceries is a good enough excuse to see a friend. I’m really going to miss it.

Outfit of the Week: Summer Reading

The days are noticeably shorter than they were at the beginning of summer and the back-to-school ads are coming in full force. This week’s outfit is something that you could wear to enjoy the last few weeks (or days, depending) before school, and would also be appropriate to wear to class when you want to remember back to the carefree days before homework.

Outfit of the Week: Simply Summery

My room is empty and covered in plastic, and I have very little control over the decorations in the rest of my house, so since I’ve been home for the summer, there was nowhere I felt comfortable taking pictures for Outfit of the Week. And then I found an alternative: my backyard!

Here is my long overdue Outfit of the Week.

Outfit of the Week: Off-Duty Cheerleader

IMG_3760A plain black t-shirt and denim with a pair of sneakers has been a classic outfit for decades. Upgrade the classic outfit for 2015 by having a black crop-top (New Look) in place of the t-shirt and high-waisted short-shorts (New Look) for the denim. The belt was from New Look and the sneakers are my usual black Converse.

As you can see, I tried this outfit with two different hairstyles, each changing the look dramatically.

Outfit of the Week: The Professional


Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Kicking off the posts this week will be the outfit I wore to my pitch presentation for my Scriptwriting class. It’s professional and still fashion-forward without being too wild or distracting, so it would make a good work outfit. We were told it would be best to wear all-black for our presentation, but if you want to trade out any of the pieces for something more colourful, feel free. Adding sunglasses will easily take you from work-wear to celebrity status. You might recognize these sunglasses that I keep pulling out as the vintage pair I got a few weeks ago.