Montreal Lox Bagel

If you’ve been around long enough to remember my trip to Montreal in 2017 (or click here if you haven’t), you might remember me raving about the bagels I had at a Montreal bagel institution.

Dessert Foods

I’ve been absent again. Many apologies, but I had my wisdom teeth out among other things and it’s surprising how lazy you get when you’re in pain. But while I’ve been stuck eating soup and applesauce, I’ve dreamt of better foods—foods I’ll share with you today! Here are two easy recipes that work for a snack or dessert. Hope you like them!

2 Minute Sandwiches

As a student, I am constantly going to be lazy, busy, or both. So what’s a girl to do when her stomach complains?

IMG_0658Introducing The 2 Minute Sandwich! (Also sometimes known as a cucumber sandwich.) Which I actually did in two minutes and thirty-eight seconds according to the timer, but I’m rounding it. Perfect for when you need something to eat while working on an essay, reading a comic book, or running late to class and hadn’t packed a lunch the night before!