Mother’s Day Vlog

Mother’s Day was one of the first times we left our house together in the pandemic since COVID-19 hit our city in March. Of course, I filmed it.

From an Airport

I stopped writing for a while. Half because I got busy, half because, I don’t know. I stopped feeling like a writer.

I’m in an airport as I write this, but won’t be anymore when you read it. I’m on my way to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, where I will rendezvous with my mom, my sister Amy, and my brother Marvin. My flights were booked later and as a result, I’m travelling separately from them.

Uber-Long Post

Wow. I did not expect to be busy once back. The complete opposite, actually. The majority of my friends reside in other countries and I thought my social life would sag, at least at first. You always hear about people having trouble meeting up with existing friends and making new friends after university. Thankfully, I have a huge extended family and there’s always something going on. So I’ll try my best to catch you up to what I’ve been doing since getting back.