Re-Introducing Myself

I broke a record last month: The fewest blog posts posted in a single month since I started. It was two. Pitiful.

Uber-Long Post

Wow. I did not expect to be busy once back. The complete opposite, actually. The majority of my friends reside in other countries and I thought my social life would sag, at least at first. You always hear about people having trouble meeting up with existing friends and making new friends after university. Thankfully, I have a huge extended family and there’s always something going on. So I’ll try my best to catch you up to what I’ve been doing since getting back. 

Advice For A 17-Year-Old

Somewhere on the other side of the ocean, my sister turns 17 today. This is to her.

From what I hear, you’re a lot like I was at your age. Chasing dreams, refusing to leave the clouds when the ground called. But the ground’s going to get louder now. September will bring your last year of high school. Adults will be asking you to make big choices that they say will impact your life, although yesterday they still considered you a child.