Thoughts on Death

It is approximately the eleventh anniversary of the day I began writing my big bad book. It currently stands at 103,741 words. I might have finished it by now, but I haven’t written anything since Foxy died.

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Thoughts on Honesty

I never really considered myself an honest person.

I’ve been thinking about the traits I was proud of when I was younger. The ability to lie convincingly and without shame was one of them. Obviously, it isn’t exactly something someone should be proud of, but I was a good liar and it protected me. So yes, I was proud. Continue reading “Thoughts on Honesty”

Mental Health Awareness

Apparently it was Mental Health Awareness Day last week and I completely missed it. Oops. But I’m gonna touch on that topic now instead and I don’t think anyone will be too mad at me because it’s not like it’s restricted to just one day anyway. Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

Forget Home

It’s easier to forget that I have another life on the other side of the ocean than to admit I’ve been neglecting that life. I’ve spoken more french over the last year than I have spoken to my mom at all. It’s only now, with a week of classes left to my entire university experience that I’m being forced to see how much damage I’ve done to my home life.  Continue reading “Forget Home”

Why You Should Avoid All Emails

Sequel to Why You Should Proofread Emails.

Oh my god, will I never figure out this email thing?

The first true story I ever put up on this blog was Why You Should Proofread Emails and while I haven’t exactly repeated the mistakes of the past, I managed to mess up pretty big anyhow.

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Long Ago

Note: I wrote this on December 22nd, 2015 after a visit while I was home for the holidays. Being the holidays, I was busy and got distracted before I could put it up. I forgot about it until now, but here it is at last. It’s just a short piece. Hope you like it.

My grandfather should have died ten years ago. Instead, he sits before me in his kitchen. Continue reading “Long Ago”