What I Didn’t Know I Missed

I’m back in Canada now. While I’m glad to see my dog, my brother, and my big soft bed, I’ve realized that I was missing things about home without even knowing it.


I have an issue to talk about today: Censorship. Not like the North Korea kind. My kind. How much should I censor myself?

Occasionally, there is swearing on this blog. Nothing crazy, but it happens. I don’t add stars to it either. There’s no such thing as f*ck. Vowels are important and shouldn’t be left out. If anyone has a problem with my swearing on this blog, I don’t care. It’s my blog. That’s the beauty of having my own blog; I can say whatever I want on here.

Can’t I?

How To Deal With Writers

Dear friends and family (but mostly family, especially the extended kind),

I write a lot. It’s a thing I enjoy. I write fiction, mostly. Novels, short stories, articles, poems, whatever I want to write, I’ll write. Mostly by hand for stuff that isn’t for school, but a lot of it is typed, too. My stories nine times out of ten have a female main character, another nine out of ten contain supernatural elements, and I try my best to include representation of all kinds of people. Am I published? No. Do I plan to get published? Well, it’s not exactly something you can easily plan, but I wouldn’t mind it. Am I the next J.K. Rowling? No. Please stop saying that, especially if you haven’t read any of my stuff and that’s the only author you can name. I appreciate your support, but it’s just so cliché. You think I’m creative? Thank you. You still haven’t read anything of mine, though. Yes, I did fill up that whole notebook up to where I am now. No, that’s not the whole thing.

Poker: A Mental Battle

On my mom’s side, I have 20 aunts and uncles and 25 cousins, three of which have spouses and one who has a toddler and a baby due any day now. Including my siblings and I, my maternal grandparents have 28 grandchildren and nearly 2 great-grandchildren. I am the youngest of the older half of the grandchildren, and for six years before 2011, I was smack dab in the middle.

On Christmas there’s a big party at my grandparents’ house. After dinner, presents—usually between close cousins, or godparents and godchildren—are given out. Then the older half, plus the oldest of the younger half, of the cousins do our secret santa exchange and get to discover who had our name and so on. After we’re done, the adults (I guess, at twenty, I’m technically an adult, but here “adult” means family members out of university who have jobs and own homes and stuff) play their gift-giving game where they draw numbers and the whole thing is kind of complicated.

After the adults have finished their game, the dining table is cleared and the poker game begins.

How To Go Christmas Shopping

Don’t. Just stay home and drink hot chocolate happily knowing you ordered everything online a month ago. Otherwise you’ll end up with less than a week until Christmas and less than half your list checked off, like me. And you’ll be cursing your own stupidity as you navigate a crowded mall and wait in crazy mile-long lines because this could all have been avoided.