In Class

I was not going to miss another day after my late start at the beginning of the week, but yesterday I was working until the wee hours and the only break I took was to watch Supernatural. Speaking of which, I’ve been disappointed by the past couple of episodes. Where are Cas and Crowley? And why isn’t anything interesting happening outside of the Impala?

Anyway, sorry I didn’t write yesterday.

I am currently in my Scriptwriting for Mainstream Television class listening to my lecturer telling us about the history of sitcoms. My friends are exchanging bored looks with me and each other. From what’s on the screen overhead, it’s a safe guess that as soon as he’s done talking, my lecturer will show us the pilot of Frasier. No complaints there. We saw the first several minutes of Sherlock in class last week. I’ve decided I really like this class.

But I’m also hungry and we don’t get a break for another forty-five minutes.