Friends and Family

I was trying so hard to get used to the idea of my little brotherĀ getting older. For the past three months I was going around in a stupor, repeating to myself "Bub's going to be twelve soon. Bub's going to be twelve soon." I convinced myself of it. Then I got home and discovered he … Continue reading Friends and Family


(#16) Weeklies

Okay, so these are quickly turning into Bi-Weeklies, but you know what? I really don't think anyone cares. I don't. Let's continue, shall we? Food: Salad. I often underestimate the deliciousness of salads, but I had a couple of good ones this past week, and have found a new appreciation for them. TV Show: Chuck. … Continue reading (#16) Weeklies


This morning found me sitting in a crowded room for the first class of my second semester. It's official. I am now more than halfway through my entire university experience. *Deep breath.* The class I had today was called Fiction for Children, which is more like Fiction for anyone between the ages of four and … Continue reading Lucky