Friends and Family

I'm just going to litter this post with pictures of my brother and me.
I’m just going to litter this post with pictures of my little brother and me.

I was trying so hard to get used to the idea of my little brother getting older. For the past three months I was going around in a stupor, repeating to myself “Bub’s going to be twelve soon. Bub’s going to be twelve soon.” I convinced myself of it. Then I got home and discovered he was only going to be eleven and I picked him up in a huge hug and yelled “Thank god! You’re too little to be big!”

(#16) Weeklies

Okay, so these are quickly turning into Bi-Weeklies, but you know what? I really don’t think anyone cares. I don’t. Let’s continue, shall we?

Food: Salad. I often underestimate the deliciousness of salads, but I had a couple of good ones this past week, and have found a new appreciation for them.

TV Show: Chuck. An excellent story with well-developed, likeable characters. My favourite show used to be Psych, and I’ve been searching for a successor since the show ended. Psych was a dramedy about a fake psychic who solved crimes. Through some Googling, I found out about Chuck, a dramedy about a fake spy who caught bad guys. The crown fits, and I can’t say it’s any better or worse than Psych. What I know is it’s good. Hell, it’s awesome.

Book: The Book Thief. I finally finished it, and reviewed it here, if you’re interested.

Music: Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys. I know it’s a bit outdated, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t imagine ever falling out of love with this song.

Website: Tumblr. How could I live in this empty flat for an entire spring break without it? It’s the ultimate time-waster.

Wow. That was pathetic. You know what? I owe you guys more than that. Here’s a haiku I wrote last year:


My dreams are happening to
Someone else right now
Lucky fucking piece of shit

By Ivy Miller

Hope you guys have a good weekend!