On Saturday I attended my cousin’s Bachelorette Party! And we partied in style. An enormous limo was rented for the evening and fifteen of us, including the future bride, piled in. We went around the city and basically had an awesome time partying.

Of course, when you know you’re about to go party around the city in an enormous limo, you’ve gotta dress for the occasion. So I did. (It was snowing a bit)


From the top down, I wore my Mint Velvet jacket, a striped crop top that I think I bought at a store in Paris, but I can’t remember the name of it, a black velvet skirt from Debenhams, and black velvet shoes (which were new and if I’m being honest one foot was bleeding by the end of the night because they weren’t fully broken in) from Payless.


Peeking out from the crop top I had on a burgundy lace bralette from Ardene, and I had my cross body wallet-on-a-chain from Spring. I guess you could call it a purse, but if I were to take off the chain it would be a wallet so I’m calling it wallet-on-a-chain.


For makeup, I went for heavy peach eyes with Anastasia’s China Rose and Sangria eyeshadows (see here for more). I put on extra Sangria for a deeper red in the corners and extended them so it looked almost like eyeshadow cat eye when I glared at people. Not that I did a lot of glaring or anything though… I also wore Sephora’s Rose Wood lip stain to bring some more colour in because you can’t see the bralette when my jacket’s on.

I was thinking of doing a Peachy Eyes beauty post. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that in the future. Also give me your thoughts on the outfit! Do you like it? Is there anything you’d change? I want to know! And if you feel like it, you can like this post below as well.

Here’s a picture my dog found her way into, for your viewing pleasure.



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