Unbelievable. I’ve just realized I haven’t done an Outfit Of The Week since April. I mean, sure I had a busy summer, but I’ve had some awesome outfits and I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you guys in six months! Not to worry, I am here with a new Outfit Of The Week!

I call this the Cozy Cutie. Because my new coat from Urban Outfitters is cozy af and I’m cute, so there.

New sunglasses, also from Urban Outfitters. I’m loving them, especially for days as sunny as this one!

It can be difficult feeling cute in autumn when you’re all bundled up in whatever you can find. That’s why a cute coat or jacket is so important in the fall. I didn’t have one, so I ordered this one and when it arrived today, I wore it immediately! It felt like wearing a duvet, and it added something a bit extra to my outfit that my usual fall jacket wouldn’t have.

The rest of my outfit was pretty simple (and I may have even worn something similar in a past OOTW. I don’t remember.) My dress is from H&M, tights and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters like my coat, and the Adidas sneakers and TNA hat were both from Aritzia. If you look close enough, I’m also wearing a choker from Brandy Melville (thank god for nickel-free jewellery). And without the coat, my outfit was still so comfortable. So the cozy cutie still reigns, even when indoors and the coat gets too warm.

Anyway, I took my dog for a walk in this outfit and a golden retriever came over and licked the coat, so I can gladly say it is golden retriever-approved!


What do you think? Anything you’d wear? Anything you’d change? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


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