The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

It was great! Five stars! Hilarious action-comedy! Oh, wait—it’s not supposed to be a comedy?

Intense music swells…slow zoom…DRAMATIC!!!

But what about the uber-long closeups of people staring dramatically? One. After. Another. The so-cheesy-it-can-only-be-on-purpose final deathbed speeches? The lack of a decent plot line…? Oh. Okay. Nevermind then.

I can’t believe after sitting through hours of Peter Jackson movies, I spent the grand finale trying not to laugh too loudly at Kill-y and Thor-y-elle trying to make love with their eyes, and Lego-lass flipping out (Literally!), and will Bilbo and Thorin get a room already? Well, that’s all I have to say about that.

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would have liked, but as I’ve said, there’s a party every day this time of year. My days go: wake up late, eat, get ready to party, eat, party, sleep.

Speaking of parties… Happy New Year! I got my first New Year message at 2pm from friends in Asia, and some more from friends in Europe at around 5pm. It’s not even 8pm as I’m writing this, but whatever your time zone, I hope you have an awesome 2015.


  1. […] There were also a few one-liners that were repeated way too many times. It felt like Whedon was trying too hard to be cool and it took me right out of the action. And there was one part in the beginning that was supposed to be dramatic, but it went overboard and i burst out laughing in the theatre. Oops. Not the first time. […]


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