Sorry I’ve been gone awhile. I’ve been sick, and working on my ECP (thesis/dissertation) which I’m actually supposed to be working on right now. I was doing so well posting a blog post every day, and then this last week has just been a let down. Oh well, I’m back (temporarily).

Music: I’m one of those people who studies with music, usually stuff either without words or in other languages. I’ve been listening to a lot of classical lately. Beethoven has come out on top in this respect. Enjoy fifteen minutes of his Moonlight Sonata.

Television: I’m also a person who thinks I can reward myself for writing 500 words with an episode of a tv show and not get caught up and watch a whole season by accident. Oh well, Fuller House was worth it.

Food: Paninis. They’re all I’ve been eating, lately. I really need to stop, but they’re just so convenient!

Book: Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2016. This book is both a life saver and also kinda nostalgic. When I was fifteen and I finished my first draft of my first book, (and naïvely thought I was done) I got the 2009 version of this for 50¢ from the local library (it was 2010 by then so they were selling the outdated version). I remember pouring over that thing for the first time, and I still have the copy back in Canada. Now I’m typing this with the 2016 one at my elbow, and I can only imagine which year will be on the cover of the book that I’ll get when I’m actually ready to send stuff out.


Anyway, I’ve got things to write. Until next time!


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