So I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos of people showing what they’d gotten for Christmas, and it kind of made me want to share what I’d gotten. Except I haven’t made a video in a while and it felt a bit weird for the first video in a while to be a bunch of gifts I’d received. So I’m doing it in blog post form, in the hopes that it doesn’t seem as self-centred when written down.

Christmas started at home with my dad, and my brother was with us this year. My dad got me Tiles, if you’ve ever heard of them. A good choice because I’m constantly misplacing things like my key, my phone, or my wallet.

We went out to my aunt’s house for Christmas lunch and my aunt got me a necklace and some lip balm. After spending a few hours with my dad’s side of the family, my brother and I went to our Grandma’s house where our mom’s family were gathered for Christmas dinner.

The older cousins have our Cousin Secret Santa exchange and the friend (cousin’s girlfriend) who got my name got me some ultra-comfy PJs (which I’ve already opened and worn). My mom gave me my gift there and she also got me PJs (what? I asked for PJs for Christmas, can you blame me?) along with a book (that I’m not going to tell you about yet because I’m planning to put it in my next book haul) and a pack of eight hand lotion tubes. My cousin Leslie (who I exchange gifts with regardless of the secret Santa stuff) got me a tea kit with a canister of loose leaf tea and a teacup with its own leaf filter thing and lid (all of which was dishwasher safe—score!).

Then all the cousins went to a Christmas night movie and we saw Star Wars, as we have for the past three years in a row now (and the Hobbit movies the three years before that).

I’ve talked about this in past posts (this one comes to mind) but as per tradition, my mom’s family has a party every night from December 23rd to January 1st, so we were partying again on Boxing Day at my Godmother’s house (also my aunt) and I received a Swell water bottle from my godmother aunt, and my other aunt who I’m close with got me a Prada perfume and shower gel set and a toque (which has already come in handy with this cold snap going on. The weather reminds me of this.)

And yesterday (or the day before by the time I post this) the party was at my mom’s house where my sister bequeathed me with a new pen (can never have enough) and a Kylie Lip Kit in a dark vampy colour called…Leo? Da Vinci or DiCaprio I wonder? I kid. I’ve never had a Kylie Lip Kit thing before so I’m new to this. But I’ve already worn the colour and I love it.


So that’s everything I got this Christmas. Not everything is in the picture because some gifts I’ve worn, some are in the dishwasher, some in my purse, etc. and I didn’t feel like tracking everything down. It was a good Christmas this year and I hope you all enjoyed your holidays too.



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