This past week has been one of the busiest I’ve had so far this year, and all in a good way. A great way, in fact.

It started out with more mild things that were just nice. We went to a family friend’s dinner for the asian new year, I met with a director for a project, went to a writing meet-up where I wrote this¬†which got a good response, and got my taxes done. My online editing class is going well. The first assignment I got back got a 94% because I got three questions wrong out of 50. The second and third have since come back, each with 100%. So that’s good.

On Thursday we found out Snowshoe & Monster won the $50K grant from Telus Storyhive to make five more episodes! So thank you to everyone who watched and voted!

On Friday, Hannah (one of my oldest friends) and I went up to Red Deer for the Central Alberta Film Festival where SIV, the short film I wrote, directed, produced, and edited, was premiering. There we met up with some cast and crew including Ania, my production partner who voiced SIV, Chris, who played Dr. Matthew, and Eric Pettifor who did sound.

We watched a “block” of short films, meaning SIV was one of several short films we saw. I know at least one other was made in Alberta and there were many others from around the world. Because this block was midday on a weekday, there weren’t many people in the audience, and I have to admit the “theatre” was less than impressive to me. The first seat I had didn’t have much of a view on the screen, so Hannah and I moved, and sat in fold-out chairs shivering the rest of the time.

But it was awesome seeing SIV on the big screen and seeing the reactions from the audience, and I was glad to see that it could hold its own against the other films. Buy that I mean, it wasn’t the worst. It maybe landed somewhere in the middle of the group.


Saturday and Sunday I acted in a student project with some cool people. It was a sitcom-style comedy thing which meant there was a lot of freedom with what we did with the characters and it felt like a real collaboration. We had a cool set and I got to use some of my French, which was great. It was generally a pretty fun and relaxed atmosphere.

And that was my week. I’m sorry it’s been a while, but I hope you can understand why. Things happen in bursts and I just happened to get caught up in one, I guess.

Hope you’ve all had a great February, too!


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