I Met Claire Fuller (Again)


My suitcase is going to be so heavy by the end of the semester that the airplane won’t even be able to lift off the runway. But this time I swear I have a good reason! (I know I always say that, but I always do, ok?)

The Fault in Fairy Tales

Rumplestiltskin by Kitty-Grimm on DeviantArt.

I’m supposed to be polishing up a final draft of my Textual Intervention piece right now. “Textual Intervention” is basically a fancy way of saying fan-fiction. Last semester, this is what I did for Textual Intervention. This semester, the genre we’re working on is fairy tales.

How To Deal With Writers

Dear friends and family (but mostly family, especially the extended kind),

I write a lot. It’s a thing I enjoy. I write fiction, mostly. Novels, short stories, articles, poems, whatever I want to write, I’ll write. Mostly by hand for stuff that isn’t for school, but a lot of it is typed, too. My stories nine times out of ten have a female main character, another nine out of ten contain supernatural elements, and I try my best to include representation of all kinds of people. Am I published? No. Do I plan to get published? Well, it’s not exactly something you can easily plan, but I wouldn’t mind it. Am I the next J.K. Rowling? No. Please stop saying that, especially if you haven’t read any of my stuff and that’s the only author you can name. I appreciate your support, but it’s just so cliché. You think I’m creative? Thank you. You still haven’t read anything of mine, though. Yes, I did fill up that whole notebook up to where I am now. No, that’s not the whole thing.