The Fault in Fairy Tales

Rumplestiltskin by Kitty-Grimm on DeviantArt.

I’m supposed to be polishing up a final draft of my Textual Intervention piece right now. “Textual Intervention” is basically a fancy way of saying fan-fiction. Last semester, this is what I did for Textual Intervention. This semester, the genre we’re working on is fairy tales.

How To Deal With Writers

Dear friends and family (but mostly family, especially the extended kind),

I write a lot. It’s a thing I enjoy. I write fiction, mostly. Novels, short stories, articles, poems, whatever I want to write, I’ll write. Mostly by hand for stuff that isn’t for school, but a lot of it is typed, too. My stories nine times out of ten have a female main character, another nine out of ten contain supernatural elements, and I try my best to include representation of all kinds of people. Am I published? No. Do I plan to get published? Well, it’s not exactly something you can easily plan, but I wouldn’t mind it. Am I the next J.K. Rowling? No. Please stop saying that, especially if you haven’t read any of my stuff and that’s the only author you can name. I appreciate your support, but it’s just so cliché. You think I’m creative? Thank you. You still haven’t read anything of mine, though. Yes, I did fill up that whole notebook up to where I am now. No, that’s not the whole thing.