Writing Fiction in a Pandemic

Writing about characters who aren’t social distancing is actually a bit difficult. This is a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic that I must admit I did not expect.

Production Day 1: Friday the 13th

Super Roommates began filming on Friday the 13th of March. It was amidst a snowstorm, and there was an accident on Deerfoot, so I arrived on set after pretty much all my cast & crew, but our location still wasn’t available to us until fifteen minutes after our call time so it wasn’t bad. Yet.

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The Character Issue


So I have this character, let’s call him Character X, and he’s fantastic, okay? I barely had to do anything, he just came barging into my story, fully-formed. Well, not exactly barging. He was just sitting there politely, watching the story happen and eating popcorn, but then he saw something he didn’t like, so he stood up and said something about it. He fixed it, and then left the story again and I completely forgot he existed.