The Marrow Thieves

The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline has been marketed as dystopian—which it is, taking place in a future Canada ravaged by global warming where people have lost the ability to dream—but I found it to be just as much, if not more, of a coming-of-age story. Our protagonist is sixteen-year-old Frenchie, aka French or Francis, a Métis* boy. It was discovered that the marrow of Natives could give back the ability to dream to the dreamless, and as a result Natives have been hunted and killed for their marrow. This is the fate of both of Frenchie’s parents and his older brother. Frenchie has joined a group of survivors on the run, consisting of leader Miig, elder Minerva, love interest Rose, Riri the youngest, plus Chi-Boy, Wab, Tree, Zheegwon, and Slopper. Over the course of the story, we watch Frenchie grow and make difficult decisions in order to survive and protect his loved ones.

Book Review: Sold

Patricia McCormick’s Sold is a thought-provoking YA novel about a young girl who is unknowingly sold into prostitution.


     Lakshmi is a brave character who starts out as a twelve year old girl in the Himalayas of Nepal. Her mother is desperately trying to feed her and her baby brother, and her stepfather gambles away what little they have and buys himself luxuries with any of his winnings. When a flood comes through their town, the family’s crops are washed away and Lakshmi goes to work in the city as a maid. However, having never left her small mountain village before, Lakshmi doesn’t realize until too late that her destination isn’t just a city–it’s in another country. And far from doing housework, Lakshmi is one of many girls sold to work in a place called “Happiness House” as a prostitute.