Montreal Day 2: Barbie Expo

I set off about an hour later than I did on day one, due to yesterday’s post going up kind of…late? Early? Both?

Anyway, I didn’t have breakfast and reached Centre Ville around lunchtime, so I went to the second of three places I knew I wanted to eat at. I went to the bagel place on Day 1 and this day I went to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Old Town called Lov. 

Paris Day 1: The Churches

The fountains in front of the basilica. Outfit of the Day: Dress – TopShop, Sneakers – Converse, Watch – Topshop, Scrunchie – New Look, Sunglasses – A vintage shop in Winchester called Fab Vintage (I think), Purse – A shop here in Paris called Miss Coquines.

Sarah and I had not planned to visit two cathedrals today; it just kind of happened. And the best part? They were both free!