ADHD: A little about too much.

What a day I’ve had.

I know it’s been a while, and I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy—which is true, I have been busy—but I know that’s no excuse because I started this blog as a university student and wrote posts daily through uni classes, running clubs, a part time job, writing my perpetual WIP, travel, and my social life. More likely, the idea of writing on this blog has soured due to my acute awareness of people I know who may read this; Friends, family, even employers. If I make a grammatical error (which I often do because nearly all my posts on this blog are first-draft thought dumps), what’s someone going to think when they’re considering hiring me as a freelance copyeditor? If I express frustration at family drama, what are my family going to think when they read a post which only shows my perspective? What if I inadvertently offend someone while writing about my day? What if people read these tiny glimpses of a fraction of my thoughts and make assumptions about me?

Despite all that, I want to write today for the same reason I always want to write: to organize my thoughts. I’ve mentioned before how much it helps to puts my thoughts down in words, but I never really questioned why my thoughts were such a mess to begin with, and it never really occurred to me that other people didn’t have messy thoughts like I did. Until recently, that is.

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Thoughts on Honesty

I never really considered myself an honest person.

I’ve been thinking about the traits I was proud of when I was younger. The ability to lie convincingly and without shame was one of them. Obviously, it isn’t exactly something someone should be proud of, but I was a good liar and it protected me. So yes, I was proud. Continue reading “Thoughts on Honesty”

Mental Health Awareness

Apparently it was Mental Health Awareness Day last week and I completely missed it. Oops. But I’m gonna touch on that topic now instead and I don’t think anyone will be too mad at me because it’s not like it’s restricted to just one day anyway. Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness”