School and Sleep

Okay, okay. I’ve got some explaining to do. It’s actually really simple. I couldn’t upload my pictures for some reason or another. And how can I write a post about my new shelves without even showing you my new shelves?

The All-Nighter

I was going to post a review of The Book Thief today, but I’m trying to correct my sleeping patterns. They’ve gotten progressively worse as I’ve stayed up later and later without any 9am classes to wake up for. Yesterday I had the bright idea to just stay up all night until 9pm, but then I fell asleep at noon and woke up at 7:30pm.

On the plus side, I saw both the sunrise and sunset yesterday and they were beautiful. On the downside, I’m officially nocturnal. So today┬áI’m determined to be awake until 9pm this time.

With this probably unhealthy sleep deprivation, I’m not sure how well I can give a well-thought out review of Markus Zusak’s bestseller. Although who knows? Maybe I could.