All My Friends Are Superheroes

No Spoilers.


In my last year of university, my dissertation tutor wanted me to read this book. While it sounded interesting enough, the only way I could get a copy was by buying it online and I was trying not to buy any books because my suitcase was heavy enough as it was. I think I lost marks for not reading this book.

Well, I’ve read it now.

My Trouble With Superheroes

I have reached 50 followers and 100 likes. Thank you so much.

The one that started it all: My first superhuman character.

This afternoon I was asked by a teacher what I was planning to do for my ECP (stands for Extended Creative Project, the equivalent of a dissertation, which is the UK version of a thesis). He said it was going to be big, something I hand in in March or April of next year, so the idea should be something big, too. Something I was passionate about.