Graduation Day

Today was the day of my graduation ceremony. I missed it. One hazard of going to university in another country.


What an incredible day.

So today I had my second-last class. It was a celebration with food and stuff and people would go up and read poems or bits of their stories or sing songs they wrote, and we all talked and said goodbye and everything. It was great.

Writing Influences

In class this week we were thinking about what makes us the kind of writers we are. This was good timing because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the writer I am, the writer I want to be, and the writer I will most likely end up being. All three are fairly different from each other, considering they’re all me, but I guess it’s hard to imagine the future. It’s easier to look back at what got me here.

Through Cracks

It’s possible I have over-extended myself. Between my job, running Writers’ Society, working as a student representative, seeing friends, and running this blog, my university assignments have been falling through the cracks a bit. Why can’t the days be longer? I don’t have enough time for everything I want to do and unfortunately this means I’ll have to start saying no to things. No, I can’t take an extra shift at work, no I can’t hang out tomorrow, no I can’t do a trip to London next week.

Writing for Fun

This morning I got an email saying my last two assignments from last semester were ready to be picked up. I got a little excited and went straight to collect them even though I was late for a meeting. It would have been embarrassing if my marks had been bad. Thankfully they were not. In fact, they were two of the best marks I’ve ever gotten in university.


Today feels like the first day in a while that consisted of more than work and Criminal Minds.

Last night I was trying to put together a simple cover letter that would be suitable to send to an agent when I finish one of my novels. It took longer than I thought it would. Hours. When I decided I was okay with what I had, I went to bed, only to lie there staring at the ceiling for another hour.