I can’t remember the last time I slept in. Is this what my life is now that I’m a legal adult in every country of the world? I don’t like it. I want to go back.

I woke up this morning at six, although I thought it was seven because my clock was still on Paris time. Everything felt different. It might just be that winter is officially here (maybe not on the calendar, but definitely in the air). Maybe it’s because I’m waking up in Winchester again. Maybe it’s the long nights and short days. Maybe it’s because I’m twenty-one. Everything felt fast and soggy. Sloppy? Sloggy? Soppy? Something like that. Like trying to run through water that reaches your hips, and everything being played in fast-forward. That’s what this morning felt like.

I’m not going to be able to sleep in or watch any of the TV shows I’ve been missing until Friday at the very least. I have a thing due on Thursday which I haven’t really started yet and won’t be able to until tomorrow night. I’ve started a creative project that is supposed to be 3000 words, and I went from 800-ish to 150-ish in four days. I switched my ECP topic which bought me some time, but I still have to write it! My movie script for scriptwriting has been put on hold for all this other stuff and I have to pitch it in two weeks. I’m determined to be the best in class.

I could already feel my stress levels rising two weeks ago when I had that essay to do and I first planned Paris. Paris was great, but now I have more work than ever!


I can handle this. I’ve handled worse. If I flunk out of uni and lose my job and visa and have to live in my dad’s basement in freakin’ Calgary of all places, it could still be worse. Besides, I’m confident in my abilities as a writer. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but at this point, it’s all I’ve got.

As I said I would, I have now put all the best pictures of my most recent Paris trip up on my Society6 page. If you time things right, you can get a deal and buy something as a gift maybe?

Another long day tomorrow. Goodnight!


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