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I’ve been writing this blog for three years now and you guys have been following, either from the beginning or just recently, and I love you all for it. Without each and everyone one of you, I’d feel like I was screaming into the abyss. So as a token of my appreciation, I decided I’d hold my first ever giveaway.

Precarious, Indeed

It’s weird being home and seeing high school friends, whether by accident, by appointment, or on Facebook. At university it was great being surrounded by people with similar interests as me. Lots of my uni friends do Creative Writing and we can talk about the possibilities for future employment as journalists, teachers, authors, and more! We can trade works and build each other up to be better and it’s good to know I’m not alone on this precarious road I’ve chosen.

The Character Issue


So I have this character, let’s call him Character X, and he’s fantastic, okay? I barely had to do anything, he just came barging into my story, fully-formed. Well, not exactly barging. He was just sitting there politely, watching the story happen and eating popcorn, but then he saw something he didn’t like, so he stood up and said something about it. He fixed it, and then left the story again and I completely forgot he existed.

A Writer’s Crisis

I had planned three posts for each of the past three days, but they all fell through. I’m very sorry and will post twice today to make up for it. Hopefully, things will look up next week.

On Wednesday I had to choose my modules for my third and final year of university. What??? I thought I just started university, like, three days ago! Now I’m planning my last year?

I am in no way prepared to finish school. A lot of the courses for next year sound amazing and I can’t wait for them, but what do I do after it’s all over? When will I see my friends again afterward? What will I do?