The Holidays are upon us and so is an excuse to buy clothes! Personally, I love this time of year because it is a great time for an abundance of metallics, especially for New Year’s.

IMG_3431IMG_3443For Christmas this year, I’m going for warm and elegant. I found a dark-red sweater with stud embellishments on the shoulders which adds some edge to an otherwise soft outfit. The skirt I got from TopShop is a soft metallic-gold, pleated skirt. Paired with¬†my slightly oversized sweater, it isn’t overwhelming. With tights, this outfit is both fancy and comfortable. I’ll keep my makeup warm-toned and simple, and curl my hair for a more traditional look. I would normally wear this outfit with flats, but I left my flats in England, and there’s snow outside, and I don’t wear shoes in my grandparents’ house anyway, so I’ll just have stockinged feet. I might bring along dark grey knee-socks in case my feet get cold.
For New Years, I’ll dress up like a disco ball…well…not entirely. My sparkly shirt is enough to make any outfit New Year’s-worthy which is exactly what I’ll let it do. I’ll wear the silver shirt with plain black high-waisted pants. This way, nothing distracts from the statement shirt. I’ll keep my hair straight this time for a subtle¬†futuristic look and I’ll go a little heavier on the eye makeup. I’m wearing my black leather boots in the picture, but as with Christmas, I don’t expect I’ll be wearing shoes much on the day. With a fake-diamond bracelet (I’m not rich!)and a pop of bright purple (Fuchsia? Magenta?)lipstick, I’m ready for 2015.

I took these pictures before I cut my hair, but the looks with be more or less the same. So what will you wear for the Holidays? And which of my looks do you like more? Comment below!


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