What I Wore: A Red Carpet Event

Back in November I attended my first feature film premiere for a film I did back in 2017. The film still isn’t out yet, but who cares about that when you can see what I wore on the red carpet instead?

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Outfit of the Week: Bodysuit Bombshell

Calgary has found itself in another deep freeze. January can be dreary like that. I think one of the best ways to beat the dreariness is by looking good. I subscribe to the idea that if you look good, you feel good. So in cold weather, what better way to stay warm than to look smoking hot?

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Outfit of the Week: Cozy Cutie

Unbelievable. I’ve just realized I haven’t done an Outfit Of The Week since April. I mean, sure I had a busy summer, but I’ve had some awesome outfits and I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you guys in six months! Not to worry, I am here with a new Outfit Of The Week!

I call this the Cozy Cutie. Because my new coat from Urban Outfitters is cozy af and I’m cute, so there. Continue reading “Outfit of the Week: Cozy Cutie”

Outfit Of The Week: Shifter

I’ve been trying to wear this dress in an OOTW for years. It goes so well with so many different things, and it can be worn up and down, casual, office, or more semi-formal. I also wanted to show off the perfect shift fit, not loose, but not so tight either. Just enough to wrinkle in the most flattering places. Continue reading “Outfit Of The Week: Shifter”

Outfit of the Week: Limo Rider

On Saturday I attended my cousin’s Bachelorette Party! And we partied in style. An enormous limo was rented for the evening and fifteen of us, including the future bride, piled in. We went around the city and basically had an awesome time partying. Continue reading “Outfit of the Week: Limo Rider”

Outfit of the Week: Warming Winter

We’re in that strange transition period between winter and spring and staying warm—but not too warm—and fashionable is a hard balance to find. Not to worry, I’ve found an outfit that strikes a balance between the two seasons perfectly.

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Outfit of the Week: Winter Workout

My most liked post ever is the only workout outfit I’ve ever posted. I figured since you all liked it so much, I’d do another one.

The new year is right around the corner and with it comes all those resolutions about going to the gym. Am I right? Well it seems this post is right on time! Here’s a simple workout outfit with a simple way to look cute and stay warm (although if you’re still too cold maybe try ten laps to get the blood pumping). Continue reading “Outfit of the Week: Winter Workout”

Outfit of the Week: Mod Girl

I’m going to keep this one short.

Remember The Londoner? This is the same dress. I know that very often, people are hesitant to buy such loud pieces like this. Not to worry, here I am to show you that a statement piece is only an opportunity for creativity!

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