Here are two poems I wrote back in my first year at university. For all intents and purposes, this counts as a complete blog post. Hope you enjoy them! Don’t forget to leave comments below; I love hearing your feedback!


Nothing is wrong, yet nothing feels right
Every day is the same and each second unique
The sky always beautiful, but never observed
Makes one wonder whether it is deserved

The race of rodents goes on and on
Striving for what we do not want
Our desires cannot be found
Unless we’re six feet under ground.

If things were to change today
There are colours we do not see
Air so sweet it calms each breath
There would be no wasted death

We have not lost what we hold dear
Only forgotten that it is here.


Empty Auditorium

I am sitting in an empty auditorium
Waves of falling seats go forth
And meet the rising stage
Above which hangs a blank screen
Where a film will be projected
In several lonely minutes


2 thoughts on “Some Poetry

  1. Awesome poems! I loved Concrete. You are a very gifted writer and I am happy for you! ‘The sky is always beautiful but never observed.’ True. People need to cherish their time on earth and remember to look at the sky while we are here.

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