I’ve noticed that when I’m really excited about what I’m writing and it no longer feels like work, I get more writing done. For example, today I finished the first draft of Book 3, began the first draft of Book 4, and typed up over four thousand words. I guess it’s been a pretty big day for me, but really, nothing out of the ordinary happened. It’s so weird to have reached such a milestone in my head, but it doesn’t really count for anything. I’m not published. No one knows or cares about this detail of my writing life.

When I met with my former high school teacher on Friday, we talked about my writing quite a bit. Three years ago, he asked for a signed first edition of Book 1 “when it comes out.” He’s not the only teacher to ask for that. What amuses me is that I always say “if” I get published and my high school teachers would say “when”. They had such faith in me. Of course, these were teachers who taught sociology or science or social studies, so I don’t know how well they’d guess at my chances of being published, but I appreciate it all the same.

When I met with my friend Hannah, we talked about my stories. She’s one of the two readers to ever read the first draft of Books 1 and 2. The other is my sister. My sister, however, is still trying to avoid all the spoilers of my books. Hannah has graciously given me a green light to tell her anything I want about what might happen or will happen or did happen. If I died before I could finish Book 4 (the last of the series), Hannah would be the only person in the world to know how things end. Sort of. I mean, I don’t even know how things end, but Hannah knows as much as anyone could at this point.

I suppose my former teacher and Hannah would be pleased to know about this development. Still, I’ve only finished the first draft and I don’t plan to submit Book 1 anywhere until I’ve done at least ten drafts. It’s a long way to go, but I’ll get there.


3 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. You are a good writer. You are young and will get better as you continue to write. You will get published. I myself don’t care about being published I write because I love it and it makes me happy. I have written nearly 600 short stories. I like to include my friends in the stories that makes them more special and makes my friends happy. Keep up the good work with the writing and your dreams will come true. Have faith in yourself. Your teacher, friend and I do.

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