Wayyyyy back in one of my earliest blog posts, I said I wouldn’t know for sure if I’d keep up this blogging thing until six months have passed. Well lo and behold, the six month mark was passed a few days ago and I’m still here! I guess that means I’m sticking around for a while.

You might have noticed that I’ve gone and redecorated yet again. The blog menu is at the top now and I’m not sure how much I like that compared to the last theme which had it under the header. I like the colours more, though. I can’t change  the colours of any theme unless I pay something crazy and the pink was driving me up the wall. Not that I’ve got anything against pink, it’s a very nice colour, but I felt like it just didn’t fit this blog. I guess I’m not exactly loving the grey-green mix either, but it’s a step up and I felt like I needed something new.

I wish I had more to show you guys. Actually I have a lot to show you–it just isn’t ready yet. I’m coming up with plans for my room, I’m planning my future, and after finishing Book 3 I’m taking a look at my writing, past and future. Past obviously being what I’ve written before, mostly stuff from years ago before I realized I liked writing (I know it seems weird that I’d write without knowing I liked writing, but I’ll explain in a later post). Future writing means Book 4 and the story I decided on for my third year final project at university.

I know my blog posts have been in a bit of a slump. If you haven’t noticed, then just pretend you didn’t read that. I think it’s my room. It’s a mess of half-unpacked suitcases and clothes to be washed and used notebooks all over the floor and things that are completely useless outside of the UK. I need to sort it out before I can move on with my life. I haven’t even been able to write at my own desk: the majority of my writing since I’ve returned home has been done in coffee shops and bookstores. My room just isn’t inspiring right now.

The thing is, to organize my room I’ll need storage. I haven’t got any at this point. But to install some serious storage, I’ll need to clean my room. Some details require a ladder, or at least a step-ladder, since I’m unfortunately not seven feet tall, and we haven’t got one of those. And I keep thinking I want to paint my room, but dark or light? Bottom half or top half? Just one or two walls? Everything? What’s wrong with my walls now? What colour? Multiple colours? Any patterns? Yeah, it’s complicated. I wish my walls could be more like my comforter and I could just flip them when I’m in the mood for a different colour or pattern. Alas, I may just paint the inside of my closet and call it a day.

Speaking of which, I think I’ll go to sleep now. Goodnight, and here’s hoping for another successful six months!


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