Thanks for the help, Dad.

The summer has been hot and sticky. And boring. I barely know what to write about anymore. But I thought I should at least catch you guys up on what’s been going on.

Remember the closet shelf I had before?


With some help from my dad, we took that out. Whoever installed it did a terrible job and I was left with a closet full of really ugly holes.

IMG_4171So I got started trying to smooth the ripped drywall and fill the holes in. It’s not that hard, actually. I even got spackle that changes colour when it dries so I know when it’s ready for another coat.

Goes on pink, dries white.

Once that’s over with, I’ll sand it over and start painting! Ta daa!

And in the interest of open-mindedness, I put my bed in the closet. It fit perfectly, which made it very tempting to change my plans. Can you imagine this with some curtains, thin shelves on either side of the bed, and maybe some spotlights at the top? Oooh it would be so cool to have a little nook to sleep in. But I need the closet space more than I need the floor space, so I’ll stick with what I had originally. It’s nice to think about, though.



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