Outfit of the Week: BossLady

They say you gotta dress for the job you want, so when I went to the job fair that ended up leading to my new job, I took that to heart. This is what I wore:

Outfit of the Week: Bodysuit Bombshell

Calgary has found itself in another deep freeze. January can be dreary like that. I think one of the best ways to beat the dreariness is by looking good. I subscribe to the idea that if you look good, you feel good. So in cold weather, what better way to stay warm than to look smoking hot?

Outfit of the Week: Cozy Cutie

Unbelievable. I’ve just realized I haven’t done an Outfit Of The Week since April. I mean, sure I had a busy summer, but I’ve had some awesome outfits and I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you guys in six months! Not to worry, I am here with a new Outfit Of The Week!

I call this the Cozy Cutie. Because my new coat from Urban Outfitters is cozy af and I’m cute, so there.

Another Monday

My camera hasn’t been working properly which is why I haven’t got photos of outfits or my bedroom progress for you and it’s really frustrating me. So unfortunately, I do not have an outfit of the week for you.

At the moment, my room is in disarray. My mattress is on the floor, my bed frame is in the closet, and everything else has been moved to my sister’s room which hasn’t got much use otherwise. I bought paint a few days ago and plan to paint the top half of my walls a light shade of grey and the bottom half and the inside of my closet will be white. It sounds pretty simple, which is how I want it. The last time I painted my room, I was thirteen and chose blueish purple, bright yellow, and lime green. I loved it at the time, and even now I prefer it to the beige I had before, but it was a bit much.

My closet only has a single wire shelf. It does not use the space very effectively, and in a smaller bedroom (or any bedroom at all), storage plays a big part of keeping things neat. So I’m going to take out the shelf and fill the holes leftover before I paint. Then I’ll install a better closet system and when I’m done it should look a lot better than this: