I’ve been watching entirely too much Parks and Recreation lately. (It’s a good show. I highly recommend it.) Anyway, there’s one episode where a couple of the characters take a day to treat themselves and throughout the episode they’re telling each other to “Treat Yo Self!”

That sounded great to me, so I decided to do it, on a smaller, I’m-a-broke-student scale.


Basically, I ran myself a bath. I lit some scented candles from Ikea and dropped in an all-natural bath bomb that I got at the Calgary Stampede from a local small business owner (you can check out her website here.) I chose the “Refresh” bath bomb which smelled so good, felt great, and made my bath look super luxe with lavender flower petals.


I didn’t have any wine glasses or wine, so I poured a cup of fruit punch into the mug I decorated way back when. I also had American Gods by Neil Gaiman (don’t worry, I didn’t get it wet) and had my iPad on shuffle with some good music.


If you intend to treat yourself, you might also want to put a sign on the door. I happened to be home alone when I did it, so the sign was mostly for the benefit of my dog.

Maybe taking a relaxing bath isn’t your type of treat, and that’s fine! This week, try to take some time to focus solely on yourself and do whatever you want to do, even for only a couple of hours. Being busy all the time, or even just not doing anything special for long periods of time can take its toll. Use this as an excuse to go treat yo self!


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